Soups, Vegetables and Starters

Galician Broth
Mixed Salad
Basic Salad
Spanish potatoes Salad (“Russian Salad”)
Beans with tomato
Vegetable stew
Asparagus with mayonnaise
“Arzúa” cheese plate
Plate of homemade chorizo sausage
“Padrón” peppers

Seafood and Fish

Clams in Marinara Sauce
Prawns with Garlic
Grilled king prawns
Galician Style Cod
Galician Style Hake
Romaine Style Hake
Grilled Sardines

Our Meats

Roast beef
Veal shank stew
Tongue in tomato sauce
Veal chop
Grilled e entrecote
Entrecote with “Arzúa” cheese
Pork sirloin steak with “Arzúa” cheese
Veal shank with “Arzúa” cheese

Desserts and Ice Creams

Home-made cream caramel
“Arzúa” cheese
Santiago Cake
Cheese cake
Ice cream cake
Ice cream Whisky Cake
Ice cream cup


White and red “Ribeiros”
“Ribera del Duero”
Aged “Rioja”
Reserve “Rioja”
Rosé wines

Contact and Reservations

Tel. 981 500 083

Fax. 981 500 880